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The Pee Pee Dance

May 13, 2011

Hold it in.  Don’t let it out.  Because once it gets out, people will see it.  They’ll judge you.  You might even have to clean it up.  And we wouldn’t want that.

Frankly, you probably have no idea what to do with some of this stuff even if you did let it out.  Either way, it’s not fun.  Lets do something else instead.  Just let the garbage accumulate.

Sure, you’ll have to get more and more intense about your distractions.. I mean fun stuff.  But that’s do-able.  Right?

Listen to more music.  Read a book.  Go out drinking.  Buy some stuff.  Make a to do list.  Eat more.  Eat less.  Meditate.  Look at porn.  Get stoned.  Pray.  Whatever works for you.

Of course, as the crap piles up the pressure will eventually force you to contort in some funny ways in order to get a reprieve, no matter how brief.  And the longer you can last like this, the more desperate and out of moderation your little escapes will need to be.

So here you are, running in circles faster and faster, becoming more and more disturbed and unbalanced…  If only it were as simple as going to the bathroom.