Theory #4

Nothing is neutral.  Everything we experience, everything we do,  every thought that we think, is either positive or negative to some degree.  With awareness we can detect this in each moment, and thereby guide and direct ourselves.

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4 Comments on “Theory #4”

  1. ruleofstupid Says:

    I’m not entirely sure about this. Positive and negative are loaded terms. We can do our best not to cause harm, but we would be mistaken to label ALL our acts positive or negative – this constant ascription of values would be very fraught. Such ‘evaluation’ depends on both the personal and cultural, both always changing.
    Awareness, however, is essential in living a balanced life.

    • Matt Says:

      It’s a simple statement, but it runs as deep as the degree of one’s awareness. If constantly analyzing and ascribing values makes one fraught, then we may become aware of the negativity, and ease up on the analyzing, bringing ourselves back into balance (positive). Balance and moderation are positive. Another theory I propose is that “there is only one reality”. Yes, our evaluation of what is positive and negative is heavily corrupted by the conditioning from our parents and culture (society). But below the garbage of our unreal conditioning there is one reality. And we get closer to it by wrestling with our loaded preconceptions until we find true positivity (true peace and happiness).

      • ruleofstupid Says:

        Contextualising your use of pos/negative like that brings your argument into focus for me and I agree – there is only one reality (how could there be more!?). Negativity comes from mistaking our perceptions or beliefs for reality. Thanks for clarifying.

      • Matt Says:

        Thanks for the comment. I need more like that. My next theory should be pretty comment worthy (hint hint) 😉

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