Theory #2

Truth cannot be written.  Any idea, no matter the source, is nothing but a theory to an individual until it is lived, experienced, and felt for its true meaning.

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2 Comments on “Theory #2”

  1. Ryan Nurmela Says:

    Truth can be written, and then argued and confused, and then that truth can be agreed to be not written as to avoid such situations in the future.

    • Matt Says:

      You’re right. Truth *can* be written. It just can’t be communicated to anyone who hasn’t experienced (understood) it already. Except for a very very few, for whom it becomes a catalyst for that experience. For everyone else it plants a seed. Some may argue (rebel) as you say. But most will probably shrug, or nod in passive approval, and move on with their lives. Small chance the seed will ever take root there.

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