True Spirituality

True spirituality is dwelling within oneself, wrestling with ones feelings and emotions, sorting out the positive and real from the negative and unreal.  We naturally love the positive and the real when we find it, and we naturally grow toward it.

But it has to be sought, and it requires facing a lot of painful crap, which is why for so many it’s easier to just go through the motions and hope that their superficial belief in God will do the trick in the end (it won’t).  Others find it easier to not believe in God.

Actually, whether one believes or not doesn’t matter.  I don’t hold a belief in God, but I have greater faith (by my definition) and spirituality than most religious people out there.  What matters is where the person’s heart is at.  Is it selfish and fearful, or giving and open?  Are we good to ourselves and others, or do we hurt ourselves and others?

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2 Comments on “True Spirituality”

  1. Ryan Nurmela Says:

    Comment for response:

    What do you have faith in? What are you spiritual about?

    • Matt Says:

      What do I have faith in? I have faith that there is only one reality. That it is positive and knowable. That all negatives can be turned into positives. But most fundamentally, I have faith that no matter how bad things get, no matter what happens, if I seek the truth I will find it. And if it takes a lot of bad crap to happen to motivate me to get to the bottom of things, so be it. Finding the truth makes it all positive.

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